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About Aviation Plus

Aviation Plus commenced operations in January 2010. It is a subsidiary organisation of Rural Helicopters (NT) Pty Ltd. Aviation Plus supplies flying training to the recreational aviators of Central Australia and has been known to conduct advanced flying training as far afield as NSW, QLD, WA, and SA.

Aviation Plus can offer you training from the initial student pilot stage right through to pilot certificate along with navigational training and training to allow for the carriage of passengers. Advanced training provided can include endorsements such as in flight adjustable propellers, retractable undercarriage, radio operations etc, and a low level endorsement for those who display the required tenacity and discipline.

Why not contact us today to see if we can accommodate your training needs. There is very little we can’t offer.

We train in a Skyfox Gazelle and can offer conversions onto the tail wheel Drifter which is a Rag n Tube aircraft that will cater for the very basic recreational pilot who just wants to fly around the paddock. We also offer conversion training onto the Jabiru J230 which is ideal, due to its superior performance, for cross country navigation training. Navigation training encompasses flights to the other Australian states, or as one wag said, to the far away places the CFI hasn’t been to in many years.

Come and join us and experience the joys of recreational aviation, secure in the knowledge that
you will be trained by a very experienced bush pilot.

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

Ken is one of the very early commercial helicopter mustering pilots of Australia and has vast experience in that field as well as being recognised as a low level specialist. Ken has vast experience in remote area operations such as mountain top flying, mineral survey, outback MEDIVAC, Search and Rescue (SAR) and general charter along with many, many thousands of hours of cattle mustering in Northern Australia.

Commencing his flying career in 1965 and not yet prepared to consider full time retirement, Aviation Plus is most fortunate to have obtained Ken’s services as an instructor, and to this end we rely on his vast experience as a commercial fixed wing, commercial rotary wing and commercial hot air balloon pilot to train the recreational pilots of the 21st Century.

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