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Welcome to the Aviation Plus website

Welcome to aviationplus.com.au, the official website of Aviation Plus (APlus).

Aviation Plus is a recreational aviation flight training facility (FTF) located in Alice Springs. At Aviation Plus flying is just the beginning, with a range of other exciting activities and adventures still to come the Plus is only limited by our imagination.

Aviation Plus prides itself on being a ‘Leading Flight and Other Training Facility in Central Australia’. At Aviation Plus ‘The Sky is Our Limit’.

This site has been developed both as a resource for current students and as an information tool for those interested in learning more about us.

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Air Transport

Fri, 4 Dec, 2020 01:38pm AEDT
'Now we can tell the story': Statue preserves town's role in saving stricken Dutch airliner

More than 85 years after the Uiver airliner made an emergency landing in Albury during the London to Melbourne Air Race in 1934, a statue will ensure the locals' heroism is never forgotten.

Fri, 4 Dec, 2020 06:30am AEDT
Now that a vaccine has been approved, does that mean we can fly overseas soon?

With a vaccine now approved in the UK, other countries won't be far behind. But a vaccine won't singlehandedly ensure the virus doesn't cross international borders when travel picks up, writes ...

Thu, 3 Dec, 2020 12:03am AEDT
Virgin Australia workers asked to accept pay freeze, but promised their jobs won't be outsourced

About 6,000 workers at Virgin Australia will be asked to vote on a new workplace enterprise agreement that would see their pay frozen for 18 months to two years as the airline struggles to recover ...

Mon, 30 Nov, 2020 03:21pm AEDT
TWU national secretary Michael Kaine says COVID-19 "is not an excuse"
Qantas has announced it will outsource more than 2,000 ground staff roles as it aims to lower costs during the coronavirus pandemic.
Mon, 30 Nov, 2020 12:28pm AEDT
Qantas to outsource more than 2,000 ground staff roles across 10 airports

Qantas is outsourcing more than 2,000 ground crew jobs across 10 airports in a bid to lower costs as it faces a financial hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

Sun, 29 Nov, 2020 05:50am AEDT
When Australia's skies became a dead zone

For at least two months this year, the most travelled flight route in Australia was between Brisbane and Cairns, unseating one of the busiest flight paths in the world.