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Welcome to the Aviation Plus website

Welcome to aviationplus.com.au, the official website of Aviation Plus (APlus).

Aviation Plus is a recreational aviation flight training facility (FTF) located in Alice Springs. At Aviation Plus flying is just the beginning, with a range of other exciting activities and adventures still to come the Plus is only limited by our imagination.

Aviation Plus prides itself on being a ‘Leading Flight and Other Training Facility in Central Australia’. At Aviation Plus ‘The Sky is Our Limit’.

This site has been developed both as a resource for current students and as an information tool for those interested in learning more about us.

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ABC News

Thu, 27 Jan, 2022 07:20am AEDT
New flight school helping graziers get their wings in the bush
Queensland graziers are used to driving tens of thousands of kilometres on their huge properties every year, but Cloncurry's new flight school will help them get around a lot faster.
Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 08:33am AEDT
Stowaway survives flight from Africa to Europe in plane's wheel compartment
The man was taken to hospital after arriving at Amsterdam as a stowaway on a flight that originated in South Africa.
Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 02:45pm AEDT
Qantas workers fighting COVID vaccination mandate lose court bid to avoid disciplinary action
A group of Qantas employees who say the company did not "investigate" COVID-19 vaccines before enforcing a mandate lose their bid to stall disciplinary action against them.
Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 08:33am AEDT
Stowaway survives flight from Africa in a plane's wheel compartment
The man is taken to hospital after arriving at Amsterdam as a stowaway on a flight from Africa which originated in South Africa and made a stop in Kenya.
Sat, 22 Jan, 2022 06:40am AEDT
Qantas isn't making booster shots mandatory for workers, but some states are doing this for them
One of Australia's biggest employers has told its 22,000 workers that – for now – it isn't making it compulsory for them to get a COVID booster shot.
Fri, 21 Jan, 2022 03:05pm AEDT
Qantas accused of taking 'the nuclear option' with flight attendants' workplace agreements
Qantas is being accused of "taking advantage" of the pandemic to "blow up" workplace agreements with international flight attendants.