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Welcome to the Aviation Plus website

Welcome to aviationplus.com.au, the official website of Aviation Plus (APlus).

Aviation Plus is a recreational aviation flight training facility (FTF) located in Alice Springs. At Aviation Plus flying is just the beginning, with a range of other exciting activities and adventures still to come the Plus is only limited by our imagination.

Aviation Plus prides itself on being a ‘Leading Flight and Other Training Facility in Central Australia’. At Aviation Plus ‘The Sky is Our Limit’.

This site has been developed both as a resource for current students and as an information tool for those interested in learning more about us.

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Air Transport

Sun, 28 Feb, 2021 02:08pm AEDT
First doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine touch down in Sydney
The vaccines have been transported to a storage facility in western Sydney, where they're being kept under tight security.
Sun, 28 Feb, 2021 05:41am AEDT
Runway riches: The billion-dollar battles at Australia's new international airport

Australia's new international airport represents a potential bonanza for developers and landowners — in some places, a small wire fence is all that separates the multimillionaires from those ...

Fri, 26 Feb, 2021 06:15pm AEDT
Kakadu chopper crash report reveals Parks Australia 'exposed crew to avoidable harm'

An investigation into a May 2019 crash in remote park terrain finds a number of oversights in the managing body's safety procedures worsened the accident that three crew were lucky to survive.

Thu, 25 Feb, 2021 07:31pm AEDT
Qantas says it wants to fly internationally again by October
The national carrier says its now hopeful of flying overseas after the vaccine rollout, but experts believe that's still far too ambitious. Emilia Terzon reports.
Thu, 25 Feb, 2021 12:08pm AEDT
Qantas has suffered the biggest revenue drop of any company in Australia.
Alan Joyce says the $11 billion in revenue Qantas lost through the 2020 calendar year is likely the biggest loss in Australia.
Thu, 25 Feb, 2021 08:39am AEDT
Qantas hopes to be flying internationally in October, but analyst warns US, UK may be off limits until 2023

Qantas posts a $1.08 billion half-year loss, following a dramatic $6.9 billion plunge in revenue due to continued travel restrictions.